Friday, May 23, 2014

Hidden Hazards...Data Privacy 5/23

Hidden Hazards...Data Privacy 5/23 This is an issue with "Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs" via their "Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations", and they behave like incompetent stumblebums trying to straighten these criminals out. There is no security on the Internet for the general public.. There are hundreds of illegitimate hackers on practically every university campus in this country. They use super computers and illegal access codes. They have concluded a "covenant with death", and they willl try to eliminate anyone who interferes with what they do (Is. 28:14), and they will continue their murderous practices until they are dead. They have no IDs. You cannot identify them because a lot of them probably don't even remember who they are. "They have taught their tongue to speak lies; They weary themselves to commit iniquity(Jer. 9:3-5). They are brainless dunces like those who did the Boston Bombings: ."Since justice is paralyzed, you have to rely on the look on their faces to identify those who are supporting the stupidity and the iniquity that prevails. (Hab. 1:4; Is. 3:9) Places that are supporting or promoting these things are the strongholds of the Nazi dunces that are marked for destruction. (Amos 6:8; Deut. 28:49-57; Jer. 19:9,15)'" You cannot oppose them, for they will use bioterror on you. Instead of relying on "the look on their faces", you could type Bobby Meade into a computer, and you will see how lawless they will become in an instant. Bobby Meade Worship is really popular in your country, but you will never know it because nobody can mention Bobby Meade. ""I suspect that Adolf Hitler created Bobby Meade Worship. GHW Bush and his Bobby Meade Worshippers have promoted it worldwide. One of the main precepts seems to be that no one can mention Bobby Meade, or they will be targetted and eliminated." See: GHW Bush - "I did 9/11 . ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; . The only solution is to besiege these campuses and make the culprits consume one another (Deut. 28:53). In respect to housing: "12/23 - 5/17 - FYI I had to move in Feb., mid-winter eviction!They've destroyed about a thousand low cost apartments. There is no way to trace it to them. They eliminate the landlords, say apts. have new owners, and collect rent as long as possible. New owners are fabricated. Most tenants pay cash. Note when they came to town, they had waste removal vehicles; thus they probably transfer their interests to waste removal once they have trashed enough apartments. Even if you besiege every stronghold of these lawless people, keep in mind that they have "been given power to rule until God's words are fulfilled"(Rev. 17:17) As the "uncrowned King of Babylon", GHW Bush rules this lawless bunch from the "closet"; thus we have to bring him "into the light". ; . I tried to get US Veterans to do this: "Instead of going to war, we are going to fulfill prophecy and make manifest God's rule of the earth. To do that we are going to get Jeb Bush to talk about his "daddy", then "Daddy! His Daddy!" "A loving loyal son took his Daddy as his own, and according to his birthright, he built him a throne!" That's from Melanie's Baby Guitar and would serve as the decree to build the Temple." but they apparently couldn't get this scene publicized. If any of you have been targetted because you inadvertantly mentioned Bobby Meade, you might steal some words from Ezra, and say in Congress or some other valid public arena: Bobby Meade "has given me all the kingdoms of the earth and he has appointed me to build a temple for "GHW Bush" at Jerusalem in Judah"(Ezra 1:2) You have nothing left to lose!

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